OPEN FOR BUSINESS in the Leeds City Region.

3D Weaving Innovation Centre

Taking shape

The School of Design at the University of Leeds has launched business engagement activity in the new £1.762M 3D Weaving Innovation Centre (3D WIC).

European Regional Development Fund logoThis exciting development, supported by the European Regional Development Fund, will focus on helping SMEs in the Leeds City Region by enhancing their weaving expertise, identifying new commercial opportunities for 3D woven structures in traditional and high value manufacturing sectors and producing innovative 3D woven prototype materials. To deliver these objectives and provide the overarching technical infrastructure, the Centre has invested in a new state of the art jacquard multi-shuttle loom, together with dobby power weaving technologies; supported also with CAD hand looms. This gradation in weaving technologies will support training and technology transfer from and/or to industry ensuring the School of Design is at the forefront of weaving technology and woven fabric developments.

The 3D WIC will be located in the School of Design’s Clothworkers South Building which has been refurbished to create a dynamic design/technology interface environment. In addition to the 3D WIC the £4.4M investment will create a number of state of the art laboratories in digital printing, colour communication, textile chemistry, fibre technology and knitting.

To find out more about the 3D Weaving Innovation Centre please contact.

Dr. Lindsey Waterton Taylor, Lecturer in Weaving Technologies & Design, e-mail: